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      Cocktail Concierge is a bespoke brand of uber high-end bottled cocktails, the likes of which are usually only found in 5-Star hotel bars in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.
      The Master Mixologist behind the Cocktail Concierge brand comes from an elite pedigree, having spent 2 decades mixing drinks for the rich and famous across the globe as well as working at such fine cocktail establishments as the Savoy American Bar, London.

      The first collection to be released by Cocktail Concierge has been named Drinksmith. It is named to honour the true craftsmanship that has gone into the design and development of these globally adored cocktails. The cocktails in the Drinksmith Collection have been carefully engineered to invigorate & elevate the delicate nuances whilst paying homage to the tradition of the drink. Cocktail Concierge works hard to ensure that the experience of drinking a true masterpiece cocktail can be enjoyed in the home without fuss or compromise.

      Crafted using the very finest quality ingredients, our drinks breathe new life into favourite classics through our secret blending of prestige aged spirits, choice spices & botanicals and careful resting of the recipe under controlled contact with American white oak. The maturation time allowed on our cocktails brings out additional dimensions and depths not seen in freshly prepared cocktails that are rushed together in the typical fashion. Our ingredients get to know one another in-depth and are well past the small talk by the time to liquid meets your lips.

      Cocktail Concierge represents a cocktail service and experience like no other, in the true spirit of the word Concierge we have anticipated our discerning clients’ needs and taken all the effort out of making and enjoying cocktails and placed the clarity of excellence into your glass.