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      SIZE : 500ml

      SERVINGS : Makes 6 cocktails

      ABV : 30.5%


      CASE SIZE : 4x500ml & 12x500ml

      For wholesale orders and information email drinks@cocktailconcierge.ca



      Single Malt & Blended Whiskies, Palo Santo infused Vermouth, Orange Bitters, Absinthe, Benedictine, Oak Aged.


      Undoubtedly the connoisseur’s version of a Manhattan or indeed the Rob Roy. Coincidentally invented in both London & NYC independently, yet with similar ingredients circa 1920. This version pays homage to both recipes & compliments the complexity with exotic Palo Santo Wood.

      The earliest reference to this delectable concoction was made in the Bishop & Badcock Company’s fancy drink recipes book of 1900 and was named Baby Burns. The Baby Burns shared it simplicity with the most famous version of the cocktail served at the Savoy American Bar by Harry Craddock who described it as “One of the very best Whisky Cocktails. A fast mover on Saint Andrew’s day”.

      Craddock’s recipe followed the equal ratios found with the early Manhattan recipe, with Scotch and Italian vermouth plus 3 dashes of Benedictine in place of bitters. In the UK this cocktail would have certainly been named in honour of the Scottish Poet (1759-1796). However, across the pond a similar drink of the same name appears to have been created or evolved with some interesting additional ingredients and possibility a more contemporary inspiration. The Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Days book of 1931 uses Absinthe and orange bitters in place of the Benedictine and was christened in honour of a cigar salesman who drank in the bar; indeed, the Robert Burns Cigar brand was available until the 1960’s.

      At Cocktail Concierge we’ve been dedicated fans of the cocktail for many years and have tried all the recipe variations including David Embry’s preference of Drambuie. Our version of this iconic cocktail carefully combines all the best elements from all variations balanced for maximum complexity. We add a generous splash of Oloroso Sherry to elevate the single malt whiskey and fuse it with the vermouth. The final step to bring a level of never seen before sophistication and addition top notes we add a highly prescribed amount of Palo Santo wood into the resting process. This adds a subtle fragrance in harmony with the peat smoke and as Palo Santo is commonly burnt as an incense, it’s a gentle nod to the smoke of a Robert Burns Cigar.


      Toasted Honeycomb & Apricots, Cuban Cigars, Scottish Toffee, Coal Fire Smoke, Baking Spice & Sherry Fruit Cake.


      Chill to 3c
      Pour into a frozen Coupette Glass

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